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This is the website for the East Rand chapter of The Hell Razors MCC. Please check out our Face Book Friends page as well.

Here's the link to our Cape Town Chapter's website. Here's a link to their Face Book page.

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Every now and then, instead of having a meeting, we will rather ask for a quick poll online for certain issues or ideas.

This section is password protected and is for members only!

Just follow the prompts below and please answer the question(s) in the poll.

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The Razorback

We celebrate our birthday every year at the Hell Razors Razorback Party.

18 August 2018, Hamba Nawe Conference Hall

This party has been held for 18 years and is a major favourite on the Gauteng biker calendar. There will be the great music we are famous for including 2 bands. The booze will flow in copious amounts, there will be scantily clad women everywhere, and we will all party till the next morning! The address is The Hamba Nawe Conference Hall, 75 Pomona Road, Kempton Park.

CLICK HERE or the pic to open up Google Maps for directions

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The RazorRash

For many years now the East Rand chapter has hired out Phakisa Raceway once a year.

This year is no different!

Arrival will be from the Friday afternoon of the 18th of November 2016. Normally we either braai in the pits or go to Mustangs in town for dinner. The riding starts at 8am on Saturday and continues until 5pm. There will be a humerous prize giving and then a crazy closing down party on the Saturday night.

This is an invite only event, if you are not a member you must have been invited by one.

CLICK HERE or the pic to open up Google Maps for directions

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The Clubhouse

The place of gathering is The Clubhouse, Plot 12, Dann Road, Kempton Park. That's where all the fun starts and ends. Although it's the Hell Razors' place, guests are more than welcome to join in the festivities unless there is a closed meeting. The bar operates on a card system with no credit card facilities yet.

Address - Plot 12, Dann Road, Kempton Park

The clubhouse is run By Glen (084) 9077029 and Colin (083) 5640865.

Open Wednesday - Sunday, 12pm-12am.

CLICK HERE or the pic below to open up Google Maps for directions

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Here you can find a collection of the videos we have made over the years. We video all sorts of events for all sorts of reasons, mostly just to reminisce from time to time.

RazorAid 2017

Arranged by Peter Bloem.

Pierre Budke memorial

Slideshow memorial to a good friend.

The New Clubhouse

The ride to the New Clubhouse

Razorbang 2015

Rootin' tootin' shootin' day at Spartan Arms

My Heaven is Your Hell

What it feels like to hang out with the Hell Razors for a day

Jean Walker's funeral

A tribute to one of our fallen brothers.

The Hell Wavers

Many of the Hell Razors enjoy scuba diving as well. On this occasion the members and friends went out to 7-mile reef at Sodwana Bay with Hell Razor shirts on for a photo and video shoot

The Last Meeting at Ryno & Rene

Nothing lasts forever and change is inevitable. This was the last meeting held at the house of Ryno & Rene Coleman in 2012

Jakes' Wheelies

Jakes Scholtz loves to wheelie, this is what it looks like from his Triumph

Porno Shauno

A tongue in cheek promo type video featuring Shaun Moseley

RazorBack 2014

Some video memories of the RazorBack party in 2014 help in Kempton Park

RazorRash 2014

Some video memories of the RazorRash track day held at Phakisa, Welkom

RazorRash 2013

Some video memories of the RazorRash track day held at Phakisa, Welkom

RazorRash 2012

Some video memories of the RazorRash track day held at Phakisa, Welkom

Razors Riding 1

A video of the pack riding of the Hell Razors

Razors Riding 2

A video of the pack riding of the Hell Razors

The Razors Edge

The ride and opening of The Razors Edge, Hell Razors clubhouse from 2012 - 2014

Our Creed

  • I will hold the Hell Razors name high, both with other bikers and the public
  • I will not be part of spreading rumours about any Hell Razor and will not discuss club matters outside of meetings
  • I will familiarise myself with the constitution and abide by it
  • I will enthusiastically participate in Hell Razor functions and ride as often as possible
  • I will take care of my colours as they are the symbol of my membership
  • I will always be honest in my dealings with the Hell Razors
  • I will keep the needs of my family and employment in balance with those of the Hell Razors
  • I will respect all the Hell Razors, especially those who have patched up before me and the elected leaders of the club
  • My enjoyment will never be at the expense of other Hell Razors
  • My club fees will be up to date and I will regularly attend meetings

The Constitution

In addition to the creed is our constitution which governs the behaviour of members as well as the heirarchy and composition of the committee. This document is not available to the public.

About Us


The Hell Razors MCC is a motorcycle club based in the East Rand and Cape Town, South Africa. It was started on the 10th of October in Kempton park by 7 founder members.


The club was started in 1993. Over the years the club has grown from strength to strength. We have a strict set of rules and a national constitution which has proved over the years to unite us all in the same beliefs. Our overall objective is still to have fun and we classify ourselves as a social club. "A group of friends with the same interests and beliefs to party and ride together."


The Cape Town Chapter was started in 1995 and the Durban chapter opened in 2002, but closed in 2015.

Our Goals

Riding motorcycles and having fun are our primary goals, with the added spinoffs of brotherhood and a sense of belonging to something larger than oneself.


The photos are uploaded to Flickr with different albums. Click HERE to go to the Flickr website to view all of the photos. They can be downloaded from there too!

This slideshow below is for general pics of the club


This slideshow below is for pics from the club meetings


This slideshow below is for pics from the annual Razorback party


This slideshow below is for pics from the annual national run


The Hell Razor Calendar

Accident Scene Procedure

Please follow the following steps when involved or stopping at an accident scene.

  • Determine if there are any injuries and how serious the injuries are.
  • Contact the Metro Police on the following Numbers – 10177, Kempton Park Call Centre (011)458 – 0900, Alberton Call centre (011)999 – 2440, Springs Call Centre (011)999 – 8660 or SAPS on 10111
  • If there are any bone breakages from either party involved do not move any vehicle’s or persons – Metro police must get Accident Reconstruction Unit out to scene
  • Exchange following details between parties at all times or if Metro is not on scene:

  • Names and Surnames
  • ID Numbers
  • Contact Details
  • Home Address & Work Address
  • Vehicle’s details – Registration Number, License Disk number (starts with 402), Colour of vehicle, make of vehicle
  • Other Details needed for AR (Accident Report Form):

  • Condition of Road Surface
  • Condition of Road Lights – Working or nothing at all
  • Condition of Weather
  • Type of Traffic Control – Robort, Crossing, Stop sign or Uncontrolled Junction
  • Way of Travelling – travelling straight or turning with direction
  • Damages to the Vehicle(s)
  • Accident Type – Head on, Side swipe or approach at an angle
  • Make notes of any special observations – Burst tires, length of skid marks, anything that is worth mentioning.
  • Reference numbers for the accident:

  • Ask the officer on scene for the OB (Occurence Book) Number for reference
  • This number will correlate and convert to an AR (Accident Report) number when the officer files their report (stored at Kepmton Park, Benoni, Elsburg or Springs) and the report will be available to you for future reference or insurance claims under this number